Storing & Handling 

Fresh truffles are an absolute delicacy and to be savoured at their best should be consumed within one week of purchase. Truffles lose a little weight and fragrance each day once harvested.

To keep your truffles fresh until used, individually wrap them in absorbent paper and store in a sealed glass jar in the crisper compartment (or least cool section) of the fridge. Change the absorbent paper daily and keep the inside of the jar dry.

Eggs-travagent idea!


To gain even more value from your truffles store them with some fresh 'free range' eggs in a sealed glass jar in the fridge for a couple of days. Remember to change the absorbent paper daily.

The intense truffle aroma will permeate the porous eggshell and heavily infuse the whites and yolks. When you use the eggs to poach, fry, scramble or for a delicious omelette, the mouth-watering truffle flavour will pervade the dish.




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