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Stainless Steel Truffle Shaver

Imported Italian truffle shavers have a variable thickness blade designed to cut precisely to your requirements, exposing the full intensity of truffle flavour and aroma.


Quantity : Price : $39.95

Olivewood Truffle Shaver

 Beauty and functionality combined! Made from stunning pieces of Italian Olivewood, truffle slicers are the most simple and effective way to slice your fresh truffles. Produces paper thin slices with ease. Adjustable thickness.

Quantity : Price : $59.95

Fresh Black Truffle

Premium aromatic fresh black truffle; in season from late June until late August.



Quantity : grams Price : $2.49

Black Truffle Infused Oil

 A 'cheeky splash' of truffle oil can change an ordinary dish into something truly spectacular. Truffle oil is best paired with simple foods such as pasta, rice, potato, polenta, eggs and cheese. It also enhances the flavour of fish, red meat and poultry. Experiment in the kitchen with truffle oil as it is versatile, affordable and a little goes a long way; keep it in the pantry for year round enjoyment.

Hint: It is best to finish or garnish the dish with the oil at the last minute to capture its delightful flavour and fragrance.

Quantity : Price : $19.95

Black Truffle Salt

 Our Black Truffle Salt is a combination of Australian Fresh Black Winter Truffle and Murray River Pink Salt. The fusion of fresh black truffle and high quality salt intensifies the aroma and complex flavours of black truffle. Just a pinch of black truffle salt gives the same aromatic impact as a freshly sliced truffle adding those well-defined heady, earthy notes to any dish. Truffle salt is ideal in salads, on roasted vegetables, for enhancing the flavour of seafood, red meats and poultry, pasta, risotto, mashed potato, sauces and eggs in all forms.

Hint: Truffle salt is best used within 2 months of purchase as aromatics diminish over time, so buy in small quantities to keep fresh.

Quantity : Price : $12.99
A Truffle Harvest Product

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