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Truffle Harvest specialises in supplying small quantities of fresh black truffles in season with orders starting from as little as 40gm. Each Wednesday we Express Post orders, overnight directly to your door, fresh from harvest to your kitchen. Ensuring guaranteed freshness!

How much truffle to order?

When cooking with black truffle 'a little goes a long way'. In general you'll use 6 - 8gm per person per main. A dish for four requires approximately 30gm of truffle.

Plan your menu first

Cooking an outstanding truffle dish is easier than you may imagine. Achieve great results by planning your meal first; this ensures you are familiar with the recipe, the method involved and how much truffle you'll need.

Recipes and Cooking Guide

Whether its a quiet affair for two or a dinner party with friends to celebrate the truffle season, our recipe pages will help you to plan an exquisite truffle dining experience!

Further Questions?

If have further questions that may not be addressed on our website pages, please call us on Mobile 0423 411 408.

>View recipes and plan your menu HERE


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