Cooking with Black Truffle


Restraint and simplicity are key principles when cooking with truffles.

Truffles are best used elegantly but simply and the traditional classic pairings for showcasing the intense aroma and flavour are simple foods such as potatoes, eggs, pasta, polenta and risotto.

The truffle's aroma also infuses readily into fatty foods working very well with butter, cheese, creams, sauces and oils and the natural flavours of poultry, pork, beef and game are all beautifully enriched when combined with the subtle earthy aromatic black truffle.

Tips for Success


Using a truffle shaver to slice paper-thin slivers will help to maximize the truffle flavour, yet use the least amount of ingredient as possible. Some recipes may ask for a peeled truffle, remember to save the peel to use for other recipes and sauces as it retains great truffle flavours.

Celebrate the Season!


The black truffle season is short, lasting 3 months at best, so as they do in Europe, why not celebrate the season by having a most memorable truffle dinner party with friends?

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